Charter Schools: State Profile

Charter Schools: State Profile - South Dakota

January 2018

Charter School Basics 2018
Does the state have a charter school law? No. However, state law allows for charter schools that serve primarily American Indian students from federally recognized tribes if the state receives a federal grant.

Citations: S.D. Codified Laws § 13-15A-1 et al.

Does the state allow existing public schools to convert to charter schools?
Does the state have any caps on the number of charter schools?
Does the state specify who may apply to open a charter school?
Does the state specify the types of charter schools that may be given approval preference?
Does the state specify the students who may be given enrollment preference?
Does the state specify who must provide transportation to charter school students?
Charter School Authorizing 2018
What organizations may authorize charter schools, and is there a statewide authorizing body?
Is there an appeals process for charter applicants?
Has the state established standards for quality school authorizing that authorizers must meet?
Does the state require the authorizer to report on the performance of its portfolio of schools?
Are there sanctions in place for authorizers?
Charter School Autonomy and Accountability 2018
What rules are waived for charter schools?
Does the state specify grounds for terminating or not renewing a school’s charter?
Does the state set a threshold beneath which a charter school must automatically be closed?
Charter School Finance 2018
How is the funding for a charter school determined?
Who provides charter schools with their funding?
Does the state provide start-up or planning grants to new charter schools?
What kind of facilities funding is available to charter schools?
Charter School Teachers 2018
Do teachers in a charter school have to be certified?
What sets teacher salaries?
Does the state require school districts to grant teachers a leave of absence to teach in a charter school?
Do teachers in a state’s charter schools have equal access to the public school teachers’ retirement system?
Virtual Charter Schools 2018
Does state law explicitly allow virtual charter schools?
Is there a statewide authorizer specific for virtual charter schools?
Does the state set enrollment limits for virtual charter schools?
Is there additional oversight specific to virtual charter schools?

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